My Eagle Creek Packing Cubes Review

Eagle Creek Packing CubeI’ve tried a couple of different brands of packing cubes, but I seem to find myself always going back to the same tried and tested brand – eagle creek.  I have found they offer the best quality and are affordable.

Eagle Creek offers a large range of packing cubes available in many different sizes, colors and fabric options.  I use the Pack-It type cube, but I’ve heard from many people that the newer spectre cubes are just as good and even better depending on your type of travel.

How I use the Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes

I usually travel with two or three cubes.  I find that provides more than enough organisation for my bag.  Any more, and I’d just be wasting space.  I use two half cubes and one full sized cube.

In the half cubes I pack my tshirts and underwear and fill the big cube with trousers and shirts.  I don’t put my jumpers in a cube although if I’m going to winter destination and need lots of heavy clothing I use a compression sac.

I should also note that I pack my cubes to the absolute max and put quite a bit of strain on the seams and zip.

How long have my Eagle Creek packing cubes lasted?

I’ve travelled with the same three cubes for over 8 years now.  These cubes have lasted longer than any suitcase I’ve had and have gone around the world countless times.  The zippers are all still working just fine and there are no rips or tears in any of the cubes.  Most amazing, the mesh fabric on the top has lasted as well.  I was worried that mesh would stretch and tear but this hasn’t happened.

What about Spectre Cubes

Eagle creeks has another type of packing cube known as Spectre.  These are made of a lightweight fabric which is a bit like tent material.   I’ve only heard great things about these cubes.  If I wanted to upgrade or my current cubes broke, then I would choose these.   I like the fact they are made of such a lightweight material.  So you’re not adding real weight to your luggage.

So would I recommend Eagle Creek Packing Cubes?

Yes.  Absolutely.  They are the brand I use.  They have never broken on me.  And I’m going to continue using them until they fall apart.  Which I’ll be honest, I might never see.

Where can you buy them?

I got mine from Amazon.  But Eagle Creek bags are at most good camping and travel shops.  Just stay away from the cheapo brands.  It’s just not worth it.  The money you’ll save will quickly disappear when your cubes break and you need to buy another set.  It makes sense to purchase cubes that will last a lifetime.

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